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Everyone knows about Filipino food ,and im proud to know that im able to serve you our food and i know there's compitition everywhere but i also know that what makes mine different and unique is that our food has the traditional taste because i know that's what make it deli. Than adding or changing the taste or ,the  best part of it. 

Deal for everyone

What makes us even more better is that we know how people love eating their foods knowing ita healthy but very affordable and so i came up with an idea why not let our customers decide what foods they want or what they can afford to place in their special plate every meal, So we have a plate options where they can either order 4 choices or 3 choices with different prices and also a single order of everything that we have in our daily menu.

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We are goin to make sure that we will give you what you expect from us ,and give you more than what we promise to be the best to you and go above and beyond.


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